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Chinese Cupping & Mindfulness Practice

Chinese Cupping Theraphy:


We’re sure many of you have seen the recent news coverage of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ and his marks from cupping therapy. Don’t be alarmed; the marks fade after a week. How amazing to see this ancient technique in our modern world! Austin Ashiatsu has offered cupping since 2010 and today all of our therapists are trained in this healing technique – find out if cupping therapy is right for you at your next visit!

Mindfulness Practice:

Taking back the reigns of your life

Give this a try for a week and report back: Throughout the day keep your mind focused on what is going right, rather than what is wrong. This shift will change how you experience your life. You are so powerful, that whatever you focus your mind on sends out a message to everyone and everything about what you want and the world around you conspires to create it and recreate it. Just as complaining will create more things to complain about, gratitude will create more things to be grateful for. It doesn’t really matter which choice you make, the important thing is that you come to realize that you actually have a choice. Choose one and watch how the world responds.


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Cupping Therapy

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