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Getting To Know The Team At Austin Ashiatsu: Mary Streepy

Introducing You To Mary Streepy!


We are very blessed to have a team of beautiful people doing an amazing job to make Austin Ashiatsu the best place to be. We honor and support each of our team members in shining their unique light out in the world. In the weeks to come, we will be sharing little tidbits about who we are so that you can get some insight into the special magic that shines inside our studio space.

We are so very lucky to have Mary Streepy as an essential part of our team. At the front desk at Austin Ashiatsu, we depend on Mary to make sure that you, our client, have the best possible experience while you are visiting us. Outside of the office, Mary has a very creative life as a thriving artist and musician. We will be sharing more about what Mary is up to as the months go by, but in the meantime. Here is a fun little video Mary put together because she loves Topo Chico so much!


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