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Let’s talk about transforming stress into serenity! A natural response to stress in life is to build a mental wall to block out any more input. The wall protects us in the moment but if you look closely, the very wall we put up to protect ourselves, also blocks our access to positive input. Without the good stuff coming in, life becomes very hard indeed. This is often why many people live for the weekend or the next vacation – so they can let go of all the stress and let the light come streaming in. After awhile, however, weekends don’t seem to be enough time to unwind and vacations don’t come often enough. Sunday is spent dreading the inevitable Monday. What then?

Believe it or not, you are the author of your own experience. Your judgment of the things that happen in your life dictate how you feel, respond and experience them. Have you ever heard the saying: “We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.” Ninn. This means very simply that if you can change how you feel about the world, the world will change with you.

One way to change how you feel, of course, is to set up a regular schedule at Austin Ashiatsu to receive the most amazing massage you can get anywhere. You can make the most out of your sessions by letting your therapist know exactly what is going on in your life and what you want to achieve out of the session. Perhaps you need to get some things off your chest. Or maybe you really need to have total quiet during your session. Perhaps you need your therapist to spend more time in the area of your body where you tend to hold most of your stress. Whatever it is, let her know because she wants you to have the best possible experience.

Here is another way to begin your transformation: Create an affirmation that tells a story about what you want your experience to be. For example, let’s say you have a very stressful work environment. Everyone around you is stressed out. Try this affirmation: “My job is so fulfilling. I feel so grateful to work in an office where I can do great work and feel appreciated for all that I do. My very presence puts my coworkers and clients at ease.” Creating a new story about your life sends a message to your subconscious mind that actually changes how you experience the world. Others will begin to respond to you differently because they are responding to your higher expectation. It is pretty amazing.


Here’s another affirmation example. Let’s say your current story is that your life is stressful and there is never enough time to get things done. By thinking these thoughts about your life, you are actually compounding the stressful life experience. It is like you are asking for it to be that way by affirming it in your mind over and over again. Try this affirmation instead: “My life is easy going and I always have time to get things done with plenty of time to spare.” Repeating this over and over again over many days and weeks will actually create a neurological pathway that will actually change how you feel about your life! You won’t even need to wait for a vacation to feel good because your life will begin to feel like a vacation! And…you won’t have to buy a plane ticket just to feel good! Amazing!

Affirmation Practice

Once you have your affirmation, write it down. Begin saying it out loud to yourself before you leave home or when you are alone in your car. At first it will feel silly, like you are saying something that isn’t true. This is natural. Keep making your way through the awkward stage until you are confident enough to affirm it when speaking to others. When someone asks you how things are going, say, “I’m good and things are going great, life is really good right now” and say it with true feeling. When you speak your affirmation to other people, believing that it is true, they will reflect this belief back to you which will strengthen the affirmation within yourself.


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