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The Cold Plunge

Have you been in Barton Springs Pool yet this year? I wanted to tell you about the dip I took with my family last night. Yes, it was still hot enough outside at 8pm to jump happily into 68 degree water! Sure, it took my breath away, but I am so glad I did it.

I have to admit that I did stand on the edge of the pool for several minutes anticipating the shock. But once I was swimming around in that refreshing spring water, I felt like I was on vacation all over again!


There is nothing like cold water to jolt you into total presence!

The change of scenery and the temperature drop caused a shift in perspective that opened my heart and mind up to receive the goodness that life is just waiting to hand us every moment!

Is there something you could do this week that would take you out of your routine? What activity would put a giant smile on your face?

Why not give yourself permission to step outside your comfort zone and take a small leap into something that would delight you this week? I can't think of a single reason why not!

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