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Walking Meditation Practice


I have always been enamored with watching elderly women and men on their walks through our neighborhood. I just knew there was some wisdom in the smiles on their faces, as they would walk slowly admiring the trees and greeting everyone who passed with a genuine hello. I always felt like they knew something that I did not know yet. One beautiful fall day, I set out to discover what I was missing out on. I starting taking walks and mimicking the behavior of my elders. What I noticed was that all of my senses seemed to come to life. I was keenly aware of the different sounds of the birds, the colors of the leaves in the trees, the gentle breeze blowing through my hair and on and on. The biggest thing that I noticed, however, was the level of peace that I felt from simply being fully present in the moment with my surroundings. It felt so good just taking the time to smile and say hello to everyone whose path I crossed. I am certain that there is more to gain from the wisdom of those who have lived more years than I have, but I feel really blessed to have experienced that one little secret. If mindfulness walks are not a part of your daily routine, I encourage you to give it a try and see how many things you can notice along the way. I’m confident you will notice a shift in your level of peace.


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