About halfway through the class I decided to lay in corpse pose instead of pushing myself through any more postures. That, too, was simply amazing! In that moment I realized that I place so much pressure on myself to run and hurry around and get it all done and rarely do I allow myself to just do nothing. Lying there while everyone else was doing yoga postures, I realized that this was the perfect yoga posture for me in this moment; to lie there doing nothing at all.


Later, I reflected on how many times I have heard interviews with the elderly or those who are preparing for death reflecting back on what they might do differently were they to have the chance. The most common answer was some version of: “I would not take it all so seriously.”

I want to invite you to stop running for a moment, take a few minutes to notice where you might be in resistance with your body or notice a situation in your life causing you pain. Just for this moment, give it permission to just show up exactly as it is. Offer it a seat at the table in your mind and pour it a cup of tea.

Notice what happens.