Tips for Surviving the Holidays

#1. Breathe. Bringing your awareness into the breath you are taking in this very moment will bring you right back to the exact place where you can access your own true savior: the inner peace that dwells within. Yes, it may slow you down for a minute, but it will also increase your efficiency and effectiveness for the tasks ahead.

#2. Schedule a massage for yourself. Our top choice for stress and tension relief is Austin Ashiatsu and we hope it is yours too. Scheduling time for yourself amid the chaos will allow you to float through the rest of the holidays with that gorgeous and peaceful smile on your face that we all want to see.

#3. Say “yes!” to the events that bring you joy and respectfully bow out of the ones that do not! If you feel you must leave an event, leave as early as possible.

#4. If you have to spend the holidays with challenging people, find and focus on the part of their personality that you can appreciate and leave the judgments under the mat at the front door (no matter how well founded they may be. ) Trust me, it will improve your experience exponentially!

#5. If someone gives you a gift and you don’t have one in return, think again! Your gift will be to receive their present with warm gratitude and a big hug and sincere words of thanks! Love is the best gift ever! It sure beats guilt by a landslide!

#6. Give yourself a special treat as many times as possible over the holiday season! Big or small, choose something that makes you feel good or even great! For instance, take a break from everything and take yourself out on a special outing to your favorite spot. If you don’t want to be alone, invite a friend! Or treat yourself to the very thing that only you know you want and feel good about it.

You see, we want you to remember how special you truly are. Whether or not you celebrate, or however you celebrate this time of year, give yourself a big hug from all of us. You could even throw in a little jig if you want to get fancy! Whatever makes you smile is exactly what we want for you! And if calming someone else down will help make your holiday even better, here is a special on gift certificates just for that special someone on your list.