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My step-dad was a master stonemason and his work was top notch. His work ethic matched his mastery of his trade and he expected that same level of commitment and quality from everyone who worked for him.

For 25 years, he woke up every morning at the pre-dawn to water the orchard and tend to the land before driving 35 miles into Austin for a 12-hour work-day, driving home and finishing the day with more projects on the land. That guy did not stop! (He still hasn’t!)

Us kids were not allowed to just sit around either. Oh man, there were chores! And not just feeding the dogs and putting out the trash like kids do these days. No, we had to milk the goats, clean out the chicken coop, plant and harvest crops, can veggies, pickle and freeze everything from okra to peaches. And it all needed to be done right the first time, or else we would be doing it all over again!

Seriously, I really wish I could take you out there to see what 45 years of that kind of love and attention ends up looking and feeling like. Suffice to say, it’s pretty freaking incredible!

Though I really didn’t appreciate it then, the Quality you see every time you come in to see us at Austin Ashiatsu is the direct result of that kind of upbringing.

At Austin Ashiatsu, quality is written into every job description from receptionist to ashiatsu practitioner. Perhaps you didn’t know that every therapist we hire has to go through three months of in-depth training with us before ever hitting the floor? We all take great pride in our part in bringing our vision to life every single day because each team member is recognized as an essential part of making it all happen.

We are proud to be able to offer this level of quality to you every single time you come in to see us! We actually mean it when we say that we are offering our very best! Every single time!