This is an admirable quality in a person, but it can take a heavy toll. Because we are human, even “a giver” may often think “surely at some point, it’s going to all come back to me, right?” But in actuality, it doesn’t. Why? Isn’t it supposed to be true that what you put out, you get back? Well, yes, but take a moment to look at what you are putting out there. Your behavior is actually telling the world that your needs are not important. By putting everyone else first and yourself last, you are telling the world that you are strong and self sufficient enough that you don’t need anything from anyone.

It’s like this; the world sees you as some kind of hero and that even makes you feel good… for awhile. But how long can you be nourished simply by their admiration? Inevitably, those same people who see you as a hero, will begin to take you for granted. Not because they are bad people, but because they are human. They are no longer phased by your heroic gestures; in fact, they have come to expect them. Then you have to work even harder to get the same praise that you got before. Exhausting, isn’t it? And are those same people there to take care of you when you are burnt out? No. Why? Because you have trained them to believe that you are invincible. Naturally what comes next is resentment. See how that works? If it is true that you are teaching others how to treat you by how you treat yourself, what kind of message do you think you are sending out to the people around you?

Don’t worry, there is a BIG LIGHT at the end of this tunnel and here it is: In order to turn this whole train around, you have to change how you are treating yourself! Instead of putting yourself last, you must learn to put yourself first. Why? Because YOU are actually the most important person in YOUR world. Everything in your world extends out from you and if you are not taking care of yourself first, then everything else will eventually break down and so will you! Believe me, the people who depend on you will be better served if you are taking care of yourself. And not only that, you will actually find that you are appreciated far more for what you are giving if you are taking care of you!

Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a healthcare provider, a husband, a wife, a waiter, a hair dresser or a software developer, you come first before any of those other people whom you serve. To be truly effective in what you do, you must take care of the vessel that does the doing. That is YOU! We encourage you to do the things that rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Whatever it is, do it regularly because only doing it once in awhile is simply not enough to sustain you. If our ashiatsu therapy is one of the things that rejuvenates you, we highly encourage you to book your sessions ahead of time so that you are sending out a message to yourself and to the world around you that you deserve to be taken care of!